We support the men and women who provide health care at Health Sciences Centre, by funding research, education, advanced technology and infrastructure enhancements.
Some of the world’s finest clinicians and investigators have joined the HSC team because HSC Foundation was able to assist in creating an exceptionally vibrant and effective health care environment, where hope flourishes and compassionate care is a way of life.
Think about these possibilities…
A new approach to cancer treatment. A unique hearing aid. An investigation into the chemical basis for certain psychiatric conditions. A source of immune cells which destroy viruses that infect the liver. A reliable cognitive test to diagnose schizophrenia.
These are only a few of the incredible ideas now being studied at HSC. Please follow the links to view a list of our current grants and awards recipients or to download a Grants and Awards Application form.
For more information, please contact us at (204) 515-5612 or