Ways to Give - Aviva Community Fund


Voting is now closed! Winners will be announced Nov. 1st.  

Thanks to your support, HSC may be one step closer to reducing wait times, speeding recoveries, and improving patient care. 
If we win the $100,000 Aviva Community Fund grant, we'll use that grant to help reconstruct the Plastic Surgery Clinic and build a critically needed Procedure Room, which will benefit patients with cancer, burns, and traumatic injuries. Your votes may improve care for Manitobans. 

How can I still help?

Voting may be over, but you can still change a life. Learn how below, or visit our Our Needs here.

Why do we need a Plastic Surgery Clinic and Procedure Room?

"Mark,” your neighbour, damaged his hand at work when a box fell off a high shelf. His surgery has been bumped and rescheduled six times. Bumped—rightfully—by patients requiring emergency life-saving surgery. His hand is starting to heal crookedly. The longer he goes without surgery, the more complicated that surgery will be; the longer he will be off work; the longer he will have to wait to toss a ball with his daughter again. 

Mark isn’t alone. Every day, approximately 20 patients at HSC Winnipeg are bumped from their scheduled surgery. This will change with the new HSC Plastic Surgery and Procedure Clinic! 

What Will Change? 

The reconstructed Plastic Surgery Clinic includes a new Plastic Surgery Procedure Room that requires fewer staff than a conventional operating room. Procedures are typically done with local anaesthetic and patients often go home the same day—meaning no fasting, no overnight hospital stays, and faster healing! To learn more, click here