Our Needs - Plastic Surgery Clinic

Reconstruction of HSC’s Plastic Surgery Clinic a Skin-Win Proposition

Goal: $1.5 million

You can:
  • help patients with traumatic injuries, burns, and cancers that require reconstructive surgery;
  • shorten wait times;
  • free up staff and conventional operating rooms for emergency, life-saving surgeries; and
  • help HSC acquire leading-edge imaging technology to ensure better patient outcomes.

Your gift will reconstruct lives.

Who can you help?

"Emma” is scared beyond words. She has been waiting seven weeks for a procedure to remove a changing mole from her arm. Her mother had skin cancer. So did her grandmother. Emma knows that the sooner this is taken care of, the better off she will be. She has been told that she will likely have to wait three more weeks.
"Mark” damaged his hand at work when a box fell off a high shelf. His surgery has been bumped and rescheduled six times. Bumped – rightfully – by patients requiring emergency, life-saving surgery. His hand is starting to heal crookedly. The longer he goes without surgery, the more complicated that surgery will be; the longer he will be off work; the longer he will have to wait to toss a ball with his daughter again.
A solution for patients like Emma and Mark – patients who need important, non-cosmetic plastic surgery – might be just around the corner. If we can reconstruct the Plastic Surgery Clinic at HSC Winnipeg, we can reconstruct lives. We will get there with your support.

What are the benefits of the new Plastic Surgery Procedure Room?

The planned project features a designated Plastic Surgery Procedure Room. The room requires fewer staff than a conventional operating room. Procedures are typically done with local anaesthetic and patients often go home the same day. The room will be equipped with an advanced Fluoroscan InSight system which produces high-quality, real-time images for doctors with a minimum of radiation for patients. It will be the first Plastic Surgery Procedure Room of its kind in Canada.
The reconstruction of the Plastic Surgery Clinic, including the development of the new Plastic Surgery Procedure Room, requires a $1.5 million investment by HSC Foundation donors like you. The promise? Shorter wait times and better outcomes for patients like Mark and Emma, and more efficient use of the hospital’s surgical resources which benefits everyone. It’s a skin-win proposition!
Donate online to this project today or call 204-515-5612 to learn more about your giving options.