Research - Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie
MS Research at HSC
Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Community Health Sciences, joined Health Sciences Centre as the Director of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic. Thanks to a charitable investment by the Edwards Family, she will develop a clinical database and conduct a population-based study that will evaluate the effect of other diseases, such as diabetes, on patients with MS.
"As a first step, we are looking at how many Manitobans have MS and how they are distributed throughout the province. We want to identify what kind of resources they need, how often they have other diseases, and how having other diseases affects their needs,” said Dr. Marrie. "Essentially, we are working to establish a research program that will help us understand MS, and improve the care of those with MS in the province of Manitoba.”
The Edwards Family made a generous donation of $35,000 to the HSC Foundation, directed towards multiple sclerosis research. "We know, first hand, the impact multiple sclerosis has on Manitoba families,” said Gary Edwards. "We wanted to assist research such as Dr. Marrie’s which tackles the broader impacts of MS. We are very pleased to do our part to help everyone affected by MS, through the HSC Foundation.”
"The HSC Foundation is very supportive of new investigators, such as myself,” said Dr. Marrie. "These first round studies are not glamorous, but are absolutely crucial, laying the groundwork that will allow us to achieve better clinical outcomes for patients with MS. The potential for positive impact for patients and their families is significant.”