Your Impact - Centre for Surgical Innovation
Located on the second floor of the Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine, the Centre for Surgical Innovation (CSI) is home to advanced technology that is unique in Canada and very rare in the world.

The $25 million CSI supports new world-class research programs at HSC and provides patients with better care. Donors like you provided an incredible $15 million to bring this facility to Manitoba, while the Government of Canada’s Western Economic Diversification Program provided another $10 million. The CSI is now saving lives and changing lives for the better, and we have you to thank.
The Centre for Surgical Innovation ‐ A Place that Beams with Hope

The CSI is centered around the Herb and Erna Buller Intraoperative MRI Research Suite and two advanced operating rooms (ORs) located on either side of the MRI suite. The MRI can enter either OR while a patient is undergoing surgery. One OR is primarily designed to support neurosurgery, including treatment of brain tumours or trauma. The other OR is primarily designed to support neuro-interventional procedures, including treatment of strokes or aneurysms.
HSC Winnipeg is the only facility in Canada, and one of seven in the world, with this combination of technology.
Since its unveiling in 2013, the CSI has already performed more than 6,100 advanced surgical procedures and 31,600 imaging procedures for patients. It’s a place that truly brings hope to life for patients in our community through new standards of care and support.

The Centre for Surgical Innovation ‐ Research

The facilities inside the Centre for Surgical Innovation take HSC’s neuroscience research efforts to a new level. The combination of the MRI and the research suites, together with the proximity to HSC’s surgical intensive care unit, creates an ideal research environment.

The combination of the MRI and the research suites, together with the proximity to HSC Winnipeg’s surgical intensive care unit, create ideal conditions to support this research.

Thanks to donors who made CSI possible, new research efforts are already underway, looking into areas such as traumatic brain injuries and multiple sclerosis. This research could significantly impact the lives of patients, improve care, and create efficiencies to reduce health care costs.
The Centre for Surgical Innovation – Patient Care

The MRI provides surgeons with up‐to‐the‐minute medical imaging of a patient, guiding advanced care. This allows surgeons, for example, to check and see how much of a tumour has been removed in the brain, and if any more surgery needs to be done. It also allows surgeons to see if clots have been fully removed in stroke victims. This innovative technique has saved lives and led to fewer surgeries for patients.
  • The Centre is adjacent to HSC’s surgical intensive care unit. This means patients in critical care situations will have safe and convenient access to MRI imaging should it be needed.
  • The first surgery was successfully completed in June 2013.
  • The ORs see patients at a pace of 150 to 175 procedures per year.
  • The MRI provides outpatient imaging when it’s not being used for surgery or research.
Thank you to all donors and supporters like you who have made life better for patients by contributing to the Centre for Surgical Innovation.