Your Impact - Transforming the Lives of Patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia
Imagine brushing your teeth, touching your cheek, or even smiling only to end up with excruciating pain lasting from minutes to hours.
Pat Buchanan enjoys time with family pain-free because of HSC Foundation donors
For Pat Buchanan, the pain started with mild headaches. They became progressively worse until she eventually was too dizzy to drive, or even stand up. When the pain became unbearable, Pat reached out to HSC Winnipeg searching for answers, and was placed into the care of Dr. Anthony Kaufmann and his team.
Pat found her answers and relief for her pain because of your gifts to the HSC Foundation.
Pat was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia (TN) – a condition often caused by a blood vessel pressing down on a nerve that connects the brain to the face. Pat’s nerve was compressed causing extreme bouts of facial pain that left her hoping for any kind of effective treatment.
Dr. Kaufmann & Team
Dr. Kaufmann and his team (L-R):Olive Cotroneo, Dr. Anthony Kaufmann, Andrea Kinnear, Kim Chell, and Eleanor Topacio
HSC’s Dr. Kaufmann is a world-renowned doctor who performs about half of all TN surgeries in Canada, right here in Winnipeg where he grew up and completed his training in medicine and neurosurgery. He chose to return home following his initial years of practice in the United States and Alberta, attracted here by HSC’s growing, world-class neurosurgery program.
HSC was the first hospital in Canada to introduce Gamma Knife technology and surgeries, establishing the country’s first Gamma Knife Surgery Centre.  As one of the procedure’s earliest patients, Pat found relief from her excruciating pain under Dr. Kaufmann’s care.
"Dr. Kaufmann and his team at HSC saved me from a life of pain.” 
Pat has been an HSC Foundation donor for the past 13 years because she wants to acknowledge the excellent care she received, and make a positive impact on health care in our province.  Thanks to gifts from Pat and other generous donors, HSC can provide cutting-edge technology and techniques that are providing relief for hundreds of TN sufferers. Manitobans will always be a priority for HSC. But at times, the hospital opens its doors to other people who need relief. People like Virginia Chalmers.
In Calgary, Ross Chalmers couldn’t bear to see Virginia, his wife, in excruciating pain every day. After searching the Internet, they wrote to Dr. Kaufmann by e-mail one night expecting a response in weeks, or months. The next morning, Ross saw Dr. Kaufmann’s reply in his inbox.
A consultation and surgery was scheduled a few weeks later, and Dr. Kaufmann performed a balloon compression rhizotomy - an advanced technological procedure whereby nerve fibers are treated in the brain to block facial pain.  This level of expertise and care takes a dedicated team with knowledge, experience, and compassion.
Virginia Chalmers enjoys time with her husband Ross, pain-free thanks to HSC Foundation donors
"Everyone we met from admitting, through the clinic, nurses, everyone was just so great at HSC. They all CARED. They didn’t seem to have a job, they had a career.  They were happy to be there, happy to treat us, and happy to take care of anything you needed. It was a breath of fresh air.”
Virginia is now pain free. She is grateful that in Canada, HSC has the research and expertise of our neurosurgery team to be a national centre of excellence in health care.  
"Dr. Kaufmann literally gave us hope when there was nothing else.” 
And today, Virginia can smile painlessly again.
Please donate to the HSC Foundation today. Your donations make a difference for people like Pat and Virginia who are living pain-free because of you. Contact us at or 204-515-5612 to learn more about your giving opportunities.