Your Impact - Jones Family Story
Mothers hold a special place in our hearts as bearers of life. Everyone has a mother. And I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am to be the mother of two beautiful children, along with my husband Ray – a great dad and husband.

Every year Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg delivers more than 5,700 babies, bringing all of these little people into the world, and most of the time everything goes according to routine.  But not always, and certainly not in my family’s experience.
When we found out I was pregnant with our second child, we knew we wanted to have a doctor that dealt with more complicated pregnancies. Complications during my first pregnancy had me hospitalized for a month, under constant monitoring at HSC until I delivered our first child, Cooper, early, at 37 weeks.
While everything about my second pregnancy seemed fine at first, at 20 weeks an ultrasound identified potential issues that could result in an early delivery, and probably by way of a cesarean section.
Two weeks later they put me on full bed rest. At 28 weeks our doctor told us that our baby may not be growing properly, and warned us of possible outcomes, including stillbirth.
A fetal assessment at the Women’s Clinic at HSC found that all seemed okay – my body seemed to be preparing properly towards birth, and although the baby was small, it was developing as expected. Subsequent appointments all came back clear. The doctor was still concerned about the baby’s size, though, and told me to pay close attention to the baby’s movements. If they stopped, I was to head straight to the Women’s Hospital at HSC.
At an appointment 37 weeks in, my doctor took my blood pressure and found it was high. She told me to lie still and she would take it again in five minutes. It was normal the second time. But because HSC staff are so skilled, and given the complications during my first pregnancy, the doctor had the foresight to look again, and gave me a test to take home and bring back the next day.  These advanced skills and the above-and-beyond care people like me receive is possible thanks to people who make donations to the HSC Foundation.
Ray and I had a date that night, and towards the end of the evening I began feeling really tired. My body was telling me something was definitely wrong, so we drove to HSC and visited the Women’s Hospital triage. They put me on a bed and tried to find the baby’s heartbeat. But they couldn’t.
They told me this sometimes happens, to lie down and that we were going for a fast ride. Waiting down the hallway was an OR team in their scrubs, and I knew the baby was coming soon at only 37 weeks. 
They found the baby’s heart rate – it was decelerating and then would go back up. The doctor explained that the situation was dangerous for both me and the baby.  I began to feel extremely cold and started shaking uncontrollably from shock.  The doctor recommended I deliver the baby now and asked me what I wanted to do.  There was only one thing to do, really, but this small act of offering me a choice gave me a sense of control in an otherwise out-of-control situation.
They said they would give me an epidural (painkilling drugs) in preparation for a cesarean.  But the baby’s heart rate started to slow down, dangerously, and wouldn’t rise. They told me we had to deliver the baby immediately, there would be no time for the epidural, and Ray had to be sent from the room. They put the oxygen mask on me and told me to count back from 10. I remember the doctors and nurses saying it’s okay, you will be okay, you made the right decision. I was greatly comforted by their words and knew I was in the right hands.
FrejaThen I was out for a while. Ray shared that between the time he left the room and when they came out to say the baby and I were okay, less than 10 minutes had passed. The baby, our Freja, was okay! But she WAS small--only 4lbs 4oz. They took her to the Intermediate Care Nursery, and the staff there were amazing, taking care of Freja and showing us how to care for such a small baby. Once I was discharged, Ray and I felt like we could go home if we wanted or needed to, because we were comfortable leaving her in their care. In just 6 days, Freja was able to come home for good!
I can’t stress enough how great the care we received was at HSC, from all of the doctors, nurses, and specialists – leading up to the birth, throughout the birth, and in the weeks and months that followed. We are blessed to have a place with advanced technology and healthcare expertise like we do at HSC.
I later learned from HSC staff that if we arrived at the hospital just 15 minutes later, our baby’s life and health – as well as mine - would have been in serious jeopardy. But it turned out this way. We are a happy, healthy family and we count our blessings every day. I’m a proud mother and a forever thankful mother. I’m grateful for the care and support my whole family experienced as we welcomed another little person into this world: our beautiful Freja.
Please support the HSC Foundation with a financial gift, and help them continue to bring hope to life for even more patients and families like ours.
Meaghan Jones
Jones Family