Your Impact - Rosemary Cornett's Story
Rosemary Cornett 2Brandon, Manitoba resident Rosemary Cornett is forever thankful for the care she was provided at HSC Winnipeg. Care that was only possible thanks to donors.
For Rosemary, bouts of facial pain lasting from a few minutes to hours often reduced her to tears and isolation. Brushing her teeth or even chewing food could result in unbearable agony. It became so bad that Rosemary had to face away from the wind, especially at the lake, to avoid the breeze hitting her cheek causing an attack.
That is until she met Dr. Kaufmann at HSC Winnipeg.  He diagnosed Rosemary with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) - a condition where the nerve that connects the brain to the face is affected resulting in severe facial pain and headaches.
At first, Rosemary didn’t know what to expect during treatment even though she’d worked as an occupational therapist in a hospital herself, and she and her husband Jim had long-supported the HSC Foundation. But the team approach at HSC pleasantly surprised her.
"It wasn’t just Dr. Kaufmann, but a large team including residents, and they would all attend a meeting with us to discuss our health care plan, which we found remarkable.”
Amazingly, Dr. Kaufmann performs about half of all TN surgeries in Canada.  Rosemary’s specific procedure was a microvascular decomposition which involves wrapping teflon around the cranial nerve to block the pain and eliminate TN. Through this advanced technological procedure, Rosemary found the hope to live, and cherishes the positive difference the HSC neurosurgery team made in her life.
Rosemary Cornett

"Our journey has been challenging. We are grateful that HSC helped us find our 
way, and changed our lives for the better.”

Today, Rosemary can go for a walk and do some gardening – simple pleasures she says she can only appreciate thanks to her caregivers at HSC. While there is always the risk that it could return, Rosemary trusts that Dr. Kaufmann and the team at HSC will be there to relieve the pain and help her heal. 
And now Rosemary can stand by the lake, take in the breeze and enjoy life.
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