Research - 2017 Research Grants
The HSC Foundation is pleased to have provided more than $347,000 in grants to ten new research projects this year. Awarding these grants is another way HSC Foundation donors are supporting efforts to improve patient care at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. The grants support projects that will deepen our understanding of health matters, and have the potential to impact diagnostics and treatment at HSC Winnipeg, and beyond.
The HSC Foundation 2017 grants were awarded through four different competitions and applications were reviewed by experts in their fields from HSC Winnipeg.

2017 General Operating Grants
  • $70,000 to Dr. Marcus Ng to examine whether rapid eye movement (dream) sleep can help identify tissue in the brain causing seizures in epilepsy patients, for the purpose of removal by surgery.
  • $70,000 to Dr. Renee El-Gabalawy and Dr. Brigitte Sabourin to develop and evaluate a multi-disciplinary evidence-based interactive online program for chronic pain management.
  • $70,000 to Dr. Suresh Mishra to identify the mechanisms involved in the role of a protein, prohibitin, in immune cell functions in the development of obesity-linked diabetes.
  • $53,600 to Dr. Natalie Mota to examine the rate of suicide deaths among patients who presented to an emergency department in Winnipeg with a mental health complaint and then admitted to a psychiatric hospital, compared to those who were discharged.   
2017 Allied Health Grants
  • $19,350.40 to Ms. Melissa Colbeck to translate self-management principles into short videos using visual storytelling to engage people living with multiple sclerosis and change health behaviour.
  • $3,214 to Mr. Patrick Gross to determine which factors are predictive of prolonged hospitalization after major lower limb amputation, and to review the statistical effectiveness of the current interventions being used by HSC Winnipeg’s amputee inpatient rehabilitation program in reducing the length time spent in hospital.       
2017 Dolly & Michael Gembey Nursing Grants
  • $26,044.84 to Ms. Christine Johnson to implement an intervention designed to improve mobility for patients throughout their hospitalization to minimize falls, pressure injuries, and length of time spent in hospital.
  • $25,534.88 to Dr. Diana McMillan to test whether integrated bedside terminals are better at helping patients with heart failure or at risk for pressure injury, to understand and manage their health compared to current practice.  
2017 Mindel & Tom Olenick Research Award in Immunology
  • $5,000 to Mr. Nour Eissa to study if an amino-acid protein known as Chromogranin-A has a role in intestinal inflammation, and if targeting this protein and its derived peptides could provide new therapies for patients with inflammatory bowel disease and colitis.
  • $5,000 to Dr. Edgard Mejia to understand the growth and survival mechanisms of immune cells in disease states.