Legacy Giving - Other Legacy Gifts - Gifts of Charitable Remainder Trusts
A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a deferred giving arrangement under which you would transfer property (cash, appreciated securities, or real estate) to a trustee. You (and/or other beneficiaries) would retain the right to the income from the trust either for life or a specified term of years. The Health Sciences Centre Foundation will receive whatever remains in the trust after that specified term or after the death of the last beneficiary, whichever has been agreed to in the trust document.
Donors who establish a CRT will receive a donation receipt today for the calculated "present” value of their future gift which the HSC Foundation will receive when the trust terminates.
For more information please contact us. We'd be happy to help you leave your legacy through the HSC Foundation.
Disclaimer: This material provides general information and is not intended to constitute or replace specific professional advice. Donors considering a legacy gift should speak to an advisor with appropriate tax and other expertise to implement a strategy that achieves their objectives.