Research - 2016 Research Grants
The HSC Foundation is pleased to have provided more than $390,000 in grants to ten new research projects this year. Awarding these grants is another way HSC Foundation donors are supporting efforts to improve patient care at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. The grants support projects that will deepen our understanding of health matters, and have the potential to impact diagnostics and treatment at HSC Winnipeg, and beyond.

The HSC Foundation 2016 grants were awarded through four different competitions and applications were reviewed by experts in their fields from HSC Winnipeg.

2016 General Operating Grants
  • $70,000 to Eftekhar Eftekharpour to study if a newly developed antioxidant protein can decrease cell death and improve stem cell response in brain tissue of patients recovering from stroke, and ultimately improve patient recovery.

  • $70,000 to Saeid Ghavami, Marshall Pitz, Thomas Klonisch, and Hugo Bergen to address whether statins, cholesterol lowering medications, sensitize glioblastoma (malignant brain tumor) cells to death to provide possible new future therapies for glioblastoma patients.

  • $64,790 to David Hill, Sabrina Demetrioff, Hygiea Casiano, and Anne Crocker to study the trajectory and outcomes of individuals with severe mental illness who become involved with the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board.

  • $70,000 to Carol Hitchon, Joseph Kaufert, Anthony Niiganii, Diane Scribe Niiganii, David Robinson, Dr. Derek Kornelsen, and Amber Cogar to use community based participatory methods to create e-films describing the challenges faced by Indigenous North Americans with arthritis that impact clinic attendance, and to educate health care providers in order to identify modifiable barriers to health care access.

  • $70,000 to Ji Hyun Ko to create a brain imaging database for reference of expression levels of disease-related biomarkers for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, in order to better diagnose patients and potentially provide better therapeutic interventions.

2016 Allied Health Grants
  • $25,000 to Rudy Niebuhr, Kathryn Sibley, and Marla Beauchamp to determine the minimal clinically-important difference of a new recommended balance measure (the Mini BESTest) in post-acute stroke, and explore how engaging physiotherapists in a study translates into use of the measure in clinical practice.

  • $3,672.24 to Brenda Semenko, Ruth Barclay, Sepideh Pooyania, and Jacquie Ripat to evaluate the effectiveness of a dynamic wrist-hand orthosis in improving upper extremity function in stroke patients awaiting outpatient occupational therapy treatment at HSC Winnipeg.

2016 Dolly & Michael Gembey Nursing Grant
  • $6,930 to Susan Alcock, Jo-Ann Sawatzky, Kathy Doerksen, and Trevor Strome to study if stroke patient outcomes have improved as a result of implemented quality improvement projects to shorten door-to-needle time for stroke patients in HSC Winnipeg’s Adult Emergency Department.

  • $5,972.50 to Diana McMillan, Jannell Plouffe, Greg Duncan, Devon Brown, and Kendra Rieger to determine if the use of bedside communication white boards is effective at engaging patients and families in the discharge process, in order to facilitate safe and efficient patient discharges from hospital.

2016 Mindel & Tom Olenick Research Award in Immunology
  • $5,000 to Nour Eissa to study if an amino-acid protein known as Chromogranin-A has a role in intestinal inflammation, and if targeting this particular protein and its derived peptides could provide new therapies for patients with inflammatory bowel disease and colitis.