About Us - Our History
September 29, 2016 marked the 40th anniversary of the HSC Foundation. This is an accomplishment we can all celebrate together and our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation is extended to everyone who has demonstrated their commitment to quality health care in our community by trusting in the HSC Foundation and our efforts.
Our journey began when visionary volunteer committees laid the foundation of what was to come, electing Mr. William C. Gardner as the first Chair of the Board of Directors of Health Sciences Centre Research Foundation. As our organization continued to grow, evolve and flourish, it was later named the Health Sciences Centre Foundation to reflect a greater focus on patient care, in addition to research.
We are extremely proud of the all that has been accomplished throughout our history. Together more than 52,000 donors have invested $140 million in heartfelt gifts to support compassionate patient care, innovative research and cutting edge technology. Dedicated research space in the Thorlakson Building, facilities in the John Buhler Research Centre and the establishment of the Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine (which houses the donor-funded Centre for Surgical Innovation) are just some of the many wonderful things made possible thanks to your contributions.
HSC Foundation donors have also provided more than 55,000 square feet of dedicated research space to support nearly 400 research projects, providing researchers and their teams with facilities and technology required to carry out their important work.
For more than four decades now, we have witnessed the incredible difference this community’s support has made for millions of families – healing patients and saving lives - and we are honored to have your loyal and conscious support.