Research - 2015 Research Grants
The HSC Foundation is proud of the Manitoba researchers we fund, and the work they do that ultimately leads to improved patient care at Manitoba's flagship health care facility.  Research is the key to deepening our understanding of health matters, and often leads to new technology, new medicine, or new care practices.
The HSC Foundation 2015 grants were awarded through four different competitions and applications were reviewed by experts in their fields from HSC Winnipeg.
2015 General Operating Grants
  • $70,000 to Pingzhao Hu, Charles Bernstein, and Elizabeth Spriggs to identify novel genetic risk factors of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  If any risk factors are identified, they can be used to improve diagnostics of IBD patients in Manitoba.
  • $69,455 to M. Issai Vanan and Donald Miller to determine if a specific peptide, known as HAV peptide, will help adenanthin cross the protective wall covering the brain.  If successful, it will be tested if adenanthin can then block a particular protein, which causes poor treatment response in children with medulloblastoma, from entering the brain.
  • $70,000 to Man (Ann) Yi to study new nanomedicine techniques to engineer a targeted treatment of a model bronchopulmonary dysplasia-pulmonary hypertension, with the goal of creating a new tool to reduce and prevent illness or death for infants with this chronic lung disease and its complications.
2015 Allied Health Grants
  • $19,998 to Paul Barrette  and Teresa Figley to enable pre-surgical brain-mapping with functional MRI at Health Sciences Centre, so as to offer a non-invasive procedure for locating areas of the brain essential for cognitive function (speech, language comprehension, etc.) prior to surgery for tumour removal.  This would allow surgical teams to leave those crucial areas of the brain intact.
  • $8,536 to Bronwyn Fontaine, Cynthia Puttaert, Ashley Struthers, and Sunita Bayyavarapu Bapuji to study the impact of the MORE (Mood Disorders Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation and Education) service on clients, identify strengths of the service, and determine ways to develop the service to better meet the needs of clients.
  • $15,235 to Tanya Kozera, Michelle Horkoff, Kristy Wittmeier, Tidimogo Gaamangwe, Jessica Hartley, and Kathy Vagianos to determine current research capacity in Allied Health at Health Sciences Centre and to use findings to guide research capacity building for individuals and teams.
2015 Dolly & Michael Gembey Nursing Grant
  • $1,896 to Jannell Plouffe, Shelley Probizanski, Shelley Irvine Day, Louise Helbig, and Evelyn Casey to implement a patient-engagement program to encourage and increase staff compliance with hand hygiene, and to educate patients about the importance of proper hand hygiene.  Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infections.
2015 Mindel & Tom Olenick Research Award in Immunology
  • $10,500 award to Qingdong Guan who is studying the powerful immune regulatory cells, known as mesenchymal stromal cells, in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and determine their potential ability to shut down inflammation and repair tissue within patients.