News & Events - HSC Millionaire Lottery - 2018 Grand Prize Winner
The 2019 HSC Millionaire Lottery has kicked off! Tickets are on sale here.
Will you become Manitoba's next millionaire? 

Last year's winner: Nancy Kelly

Winnipeg has its newest millionaire. 
Last Thursday, on December 6, 2018, the winner of the Heath Sciences Centre Millionaire Lottery was drawn. 
CTV reporter Colleen Bready along with Health Sciences Centre Foundation President and CEO Jonathon Lyon (pictured: left) drew the number live on TV. 
Lyon selected number 13405, belonging to Nancy Kelly (pictured: right), 54, from Winnipeg. Once drawn, Lyon went back to the HSC Foundation’s office to give her the phone call. She didn’t pick up. However, she would receive a very surprising message on her phone, one that she would never forget. 
"I was so shocked when I heard the voicemail that I hung up the phone without taking down the number,” she said. 
Kelly’s sister actually found out she won before she did. At exactly 12:57 p.m., Kelly’s sister texted her saying: "My friend wants to know if you win a million dollars.”  
"I was like what? What do you mean if I win? Why does she want to know?” she said.  
Turns out, Kelly’s sister had made a spelling mistake, typing "win” instead of "won.”  
"Then it hit me. I was just like, ‘Did I win?’” she said. 
Kelly frantically checked her email, took a screenshot of her ticket number and then looked up the winning number. They matched. 
"I was shaking. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it,” she said.
Kelly immediately called her mom, who had already managed to hear the news from other family friends who had watched the live broadcast. She then called her other sister, nieces, and nephews. 
Kelly was born in Regina, but she grew up in The Pas, later moving to Winnipeg as an adult. She currently works at Health Canada in the HR department, where she has been for the last 12 years. 
"I was going to work for a few more years before retiring, but now I’ll be finishing this year. I just want to hit that 55-years-old mark,” she said. 
The grand prize options were a choice between five luxurious of houses—one of them worth over $1.4 million—or taking home 1.1 million dollars in cold, hard, tax-free cash. After pondering her options for a week, Kelly chose the cash option because it would give her the most freedom. 
"I can do what I want now. I now have financial security, I don’t have any more restrictions, and I can do things I had wanted to do before but maybe just hadn’t saved the money yet,” she said. 
Kelly didn’t make the decision lightly. She toured two of the grand prize houses available prize before choosing the money. 
"It was an incredible experience. The HSC Foundation was wonderful throughout all of it. The homes were so beautiful, and I loved touring them. I don’t think it had sunk in that I had won until I saw how beautiful the homes were,” she said. 
Kelly currently has a home in Winnipeg, which is being mortgaged. Once she goes to the bank, that mortgage will be history. 
"I’m going to do some extensive renovations. It feels amazing knowing I’m mortgage-free now,” she said.  
Kelly has already made a list of travel destinations for her early retirement, including Hamilton, New York, Chicago, an African safari, and a long stay at her family-shared cabin in The Pas. She also will be going to Palm Springs in a few weeks, a trip she had planned prior to her winnings.
"That trip just got a lot better,” she said with a laugh.   
Besides the grand prize, the 50/50 Plus was also drawn that day, where 50 per cent of the proceeds go to the winner. Jennifer Oldfield, a teacher at Collège Béliveau, had the lucky number. A married mother of two, she brought home $408,352.50 for her and her family to enjoy.  
"I was in the middle of teaching a class and I saw 12 missed calls from my husband and thought there was an emergency,” she said. "It’s life changing. After I got the call I couldn’t sleep and I still don’t believe it. We’ve always supported the HSC lottery and never even looked at the prizes or thought about winning. We just bought tickets because it’s a good cause.” 
Among other prizes were an incredible selection of trips, vehicles, and gift cards. There also were multiple "early bird” cash-prizes of $1,000. In total, there were over 2,700 prizes.  
Of course, the luckiest of winners was Nancy Kelly. While ecstatic, she also recognizes the importance that the HSC Millionaire Lottery brings forward each year. 
"I buy tickets every year. It only takes one to win, but I think it’s important for everyone to buy as many as they possibly can, simply because it’s going to a great cause,” she said. 
"It’s important to support worthy causes, especially since everyone uses HSC. I’m so impressed with the work that they do.”