Your Impact - Mikala Aherns' Holiday Letter

Happier holidays from PsycHealth

"You gotta keep everything healthy. Even your mind."

The holidays can be hard. This December, I would be struggling if it weren't for the Health Sciences Centre. 
About four years ago, I didn't believe I had an eating disorder. I felt like I had the key to controlling and coping with what was happening in my life. But I didn't. I was very, very sick. I was so tired, I couldn't wake up. I was depressed, I couldn't move.  
I must have spent 15 months over the span of three years in HSC's Eating Disorders Program. The quality of care I received never changed. But the last time I was admitted, something inside me said, "Mikala, it's time to heal." 
The nurses were a large part of my recovery. I trusted them so much. Even if my eating disorder didn't. Everyone was telling me that life would be better without the eating disorder. So I let my guard down, and I took what they told me and I applied it. I had lived so long with an eating disorder, it became my identity. I wanted to know: who am I without my eating disorder?  
Because of HSC, when life gets tough and I don't know what else to turn to, I can turn to what the nurses taught me. I no longer need to turn to my eating disorder.
I want to thank you for bringing good health to my holidays. Many people wish it to each other every December. But you truly made it happen. Your support helps ensure Manitoba's Eating Disorders Program is a success. Your support is why I am who I am today.  
I'm really proud of myself for changing my way of thinking. These days, I'm trying to make myself the healthiest version of me. I'm trying therapies, medications, and new habits to make myself better. I now know that I can overcome what I face. You gotta keep everything healthy. Even your mind. And I have you and HSC to thank. 
I wish you the happiest of holidays and good health in the New Year!

Mikala Aherns