Research - 2013 Research Grants
August 19, 2013 –The HSC Foundation 2013 grants were awarded through three different competitions –the General Operating Grant Competition, the Allied Health Grant Competition and Dolley Gembey Grant Competition. Applications were thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by relevant stakeholders from HSC Winnipeg.
2013 General Operating Grants
  • $70,000 to Mojgan Rastegar to study the role ethanol plays on the development of a specific protein in the brain, and how this may affect two specific childhood diseases – Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • $70,000 to AbdulRazaq Sokoro, Haminder Singh, Lauel Thorlacius, Charles Bernstein and Leigh Anne Shafer to evaluate the clinical performance of a potentially more effective means of testing for colon cancer screening in an outpatient setting.

  • $58,910 to Harvey Quon and Michael West to establish new data on the long term effects of brain tumour patients who have been treated with radio surgery (such as HSC Winnipeg’s Gamma Knife) as compared to patients treated with whole‐brain radiotherapy.

  • $50,446 to Lesley Ritchie, Andrea Kigour and Lena Galimova to study the effects and potential benefits of a certain type of training/rehabilitation, known as Goal Management Training, on those suffering from brain injuries that have affected higher functions.

  • $14,784 to Lawrence Gilman, Frederick Zieler, Bertram Unger and Andrew Kirkpatrick to evaluate a non‐invasive technique of monitoring intra‐cranial pressure readings for neuro‐critical care patients.
2013 Allied Health Grant
  • $10,289.51 to Kristy Wittmeier and Gayel Restall to study recent improvements made to referrals within the Pediatric Physiotherapy Services at HSC Winnipeg, with findings that will be used to help other professional groups learn from the experience.

  • $9,635.95 to Lesley Costianis to establish a means to apply the Braden Scale, a widely applied diagnostic tool used to assess a patient’s risk of developing a pressure ulcer, specifically to patients undergoing hemodialysis.

  • $5,089.20 to Gina De Vos and Leanne Leclair to study the benefits and impacts of meal preparation as a tool for group treatment in mental health settings.
2013 Dolley Gembey Nursing Grant
  • $10,127 to Elaine Mordoch and Annette Schultz to study the protracted impact health professionals feel, known as vicarious trauma, when supporting patients living with HIV/AIDS over an extended period, and help those professionals develop strategies to mitigate.

  • $10,000 to Diana Clark and Debbie Franchette to evaluate the impact the opening of the new Crisis Response Centre at HSC Winnipeg will have on HSC Winnipeg’s emergency department, in particular the number of patients who present in the HSC ER with mental health symptoms.