Research - Dr. John Wilkins
When it comes to research at HSC, collaboration is the word of the day "I am very excited about all the collaborations happening here between us and our various partners,” said Dr. John Wilkins, HSC’s Director of Research.
Dr. Wilkins works directly with the COO and the Executive Team to help define HSC’s priorities for research that will have the most significant impact on patients. In turn, HSC Foundation works with them to ensure the fundraising dollars are being directed towards the same priorities.
"Right now we are focused on completion of the Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine,” said Dr. Wilkins. "We have strong interaction with the University of Manitoba and have developed a collaborative program for neurosciences.”
This neuro research team will be the first program of its kind for U of M and HSC. There will be direct interaction between researchers and clinicians, with much of the research focusing on images from actual patients.
Dr. Wilkins feels collaboration helps to avoid duplication of efforts and allows everyone to use their expertise in the best possible way. Over the past year HSC has been working closely with the Manitoba Health Research Council and the Institute of Biodiagnostics at National Research Council. The HSC Research team has also begun a new partnership with the University of Winnipeg and Prairie Isotope Production Enterprise (PIPE) to manufacture Mo-99 radioisotopes.
"This is one of the first times we have partnered with the University of Winnipeg and we are excited for the possibility of future collaborations,” said Dr. Wilkins.
"We are always hoping to expand and continue to evolve them.”