Honourary Directors

The HSC Foundation names exceptional volunteers and community leaders as its Honourary Directors.

Some of the HSC Foundation's Honourary Directors.

They lead by example. They lead with passion.

The Honourary Directors of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation are an esteemed group of volunteers who choose to remain active and engaged in HSC Foundation affairs. Many are former members of the Board of Directors whose terms have drawn to a close; others are champions who have demonstrated remarkable generosity and inspirational volunteerism.

The late Jessie Lang was the first Chair of the Honourary Directors, and held that position with great pride and enthusiasm from 1996 to 2004. In 2003, the Honourary Directors established the HSC Foundation Honourary Directors’ Legacy Fund, an endowed fund that would generate income to support innovative medical research at HSC. Ms. Lang and her successor, R.W. (Bob) Cunningham, each seeded the fund with a $1,000 gift.

The fund grew steadily and, in 2011, the Honourary Directors awarded their first research grant. As of March 2022, this endowed fund has a balance of $342,978, and generates annual income which is awarded to a promising research project selected by the Honourary Directors. As we gather to celebrate the expansion of the Bannatyne Legacy Circle initiative, we reflect on our history and on the donors, volunteers, and staff who have shaped the HSC Foundation as a vital source of funding for HSC.

We thank our Honourary Directors. We are grateful for the example they set. And we are grateful for their significant impact on health care in Manitoba.

HSC Foundation Honourary Directors as of 2022

Ms. Megan Adams

Mrs. Linda Ballance

Mr. F. Lynn Bishop

Ms. Doneta Brotchie, O.M.

Mr. W. John A. Bulman

Mr. Raymond A. Cadieux

Mr. Tony Catanese

Mr. Paul Challoner

Mr. Daniel Chisick

Mrs. Carol Cribbs

Mr. Robert W. Cunningham

Mr. Ryan Downey

Mr. James A. Ferguson

Mrs. Evelyn Friesen

Mr. John Heimbecker

Mr. Norm Humby

Mrs. Nancy Johnson

Mr. Hubert T. Kleysen

Mrs. Bernice Kleysen

Mr. Steven Kohn

Mrs. Deirdre Kozminski

Mr. Nick Leitch

Mr. Nigel Lilley

Mr. Kevin McFadden

Mr. Ash Modha

Mr. James R. Morden

Mr. David E. Morrison

Ms. Elizabeth Paterson

Ms. Mabel Pratt

Ms. Maureen Prendiville

Mrs. Tannis M. Richardson, C.M., LL.D

Mr. Ross Robinson

Mrs. Lily Schreyer

Mr. Barry Shenkarow

Mr. Allen M. Snyder

Ms. Silvia de Sousa

Mr. Eric L. Stefanson

Mrs. Gwen Steiman

Mrs. Carol Stockwell

Dr. Ian Sutherland

Ms. Muriel L. Sutherland

Ms. Mavis Taillieu

Mrs. Deborah Thorlakson, O.M.

Mr. Curtis Vossen

Ms. Jill Winograd

Mr. W. Terry Wright, K.C.

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