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You Made it Possible this Giving Tuesday

January 12, 2023

Your Support Will Provide Better Recovery for IICU Patients

Staff on HSC Winnipeg’s IICU, pictured left to right: Shannon Smith, Physiotherapist; Allie Blazek, Clinical Resource Nurse; Tracy Simcoe, Manager of IICU and Respiratory Therapy; Dr. Adrian Robertson, IICU Medical Director.

THANK YOU, Giving Tuesday donors!

On November 29, 2022, we set a goal of raising $21,000 to purchase much-needed mobility aids and walking equipment for HSC Winnipeg’s Intermediate Intensive Care Unit (IICU)…and we surpassed that goal because of YOU!

The patients who stay in the IICU often need to re-learn how to move, swallow, and breathe on their own. Your generosity has helped HSC purchase state-of-the-art lifts, support frames, walking systems—and more—that allow staff to help rehabilitate patients sooner and safer. This is known to decrease recovery times, get patients off ventilators sooner, and improve muscle strength.

You have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many Manitobans who rely on the HSC IICU every year—and the compassionate staff who care for them, and we cannot thank you enough.

To see the equipment that this year’s Giving Tuesday donors purchased, please click here.

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