Innovation HSC

An annual campaign for health care excellence: Excellence in health care is about being nimble. It’s about responding to the changing health care needs of Manitobans.

Goal: $2,508,000

Join us as we enhance Health Sciences Centre for all Manitobans

Current funds raised: $2,402,019
Help us reach our goal

What if we weren’t just keeping pace with changes in health care, but instead finding ways to always stay leaps ahead? What if we didn’t just meet the patient’s immediate needs, but could revolutionize the delivery of patient care? What if our province became the pillar of health care innovation in our country and beyond?

Innovation HSC is the Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s annual campaign for health care excellence. With a target goal of $2,508,000 for 2021–2022, your support will help HSC Winnipeg to turn these aspirations into realities.

Be bold, dream big, and empower HSC—Manitoba’s hospital—to lead Manitobans into a new era of health care.

Tomorrow’s health care, today.

Your support allows HSC to:
  • implement changes to systems and facilities to reduce wait times and improve outcomes as the health care needs of Manitobans change;
  • acquire the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients more quickly; and
  • initiate and advance important health care research, and create opportunities to keep leading medical talent in Manitoba.

Know that your support will help HSC deliver tomorrow’s health care, today.

Please give generously today. For your family. For you. For all Manitobans.


“Innovation HSC will help us acquire even more cutting-edge equipment. We could change the landscape of patient care and be the cornerstone of improved patient outcomes. Your support will allow us to shape a better, healthier Manitoba.”

-Dr. Alessandra Cassano-Bailey
Interventional Radiologist, HSC Winnipeg






“What if we could treat your esophageal cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation? Thanks to the generosity of HSC Foundation donors, we can offer minimally invasive, innovative procedures in the Wilf Taillieu Thoracic Surgery Clinic and Endoscopy Unit. Your ongoing support will allow us to continue to innovate and offer leading-edge diagnostics and therapies to patients in Manitoba.”

-Dr. Richard Liu
Thoracic Surgeon, HSC Winnipeg





“What if HSC Adult Emergency Department physicians could see every patient within an hour of arrival? We care for the sickest patients in our province and beyond. Reducing the time it takes to be seen by a physician to less than 60 minutes from arrival drastically improves outcomes. Your support through the HSC Foundation can help further our capacity to provide safe, emergency care for Manitobans when they need it the most.”

-Dr. Shelly Zubert
Medical Director for HSC’s Adult Emergency Department, HSC Winnipeg