Innovation HSC

An annual campaign for health care excellence: 2019–2020. Excellence in health care is about being nimble. It’s about responding to the changing health care needs of Manitobans.

Dr. Ed Buchel, Surgery Site Director at HSC and Section Head of Plastic Surgery, U of M.

Embracing new ideas

It’s about embracing new ideas; promoting promising research; acquiring the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; and attracting and retaining the best medical talent from across Canada and around the world.

The pursuit of excellence in health care demands that we always re-imagine HSC Winnipeg—Manitoba’s hospital—and seek ways to fulfill its potential as one of Canada’s leading health care institutions.

In other words, achieving ever-higher levels of excellence in health care—for you and your loved ones—demands that we innovate.

Innovation HSC is the HSC Foundation’s annual campaign for 2019-2020. Our goal is to reach out to Manitobans like you to invite you to support the HSC Foundation in new and transformational ways. Our campaign target is $2 million.

While government funding supports the day-today operations of HSC, your annual gifts allow HSC to raise the bar, dream big, and deliver the best care possible today, while planning for the future needs of Manitobans.

Thank you for helping us exceed our goal

Your annual campaign gift allows HSC to:

  • implement changes to systems and facilities to reduce wait times and improve outcomes as the health care needs of Manitobans change;
  • acquire the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients more quickly; and
  • initiate and advance important health care research, and create opportunities to keep leading medical talent in Manitoba.


Your annual campaign gift to the HSC Foundation will help the hospital to embrace innovation and achieve new levels of excellence each and every year.

Help us set the standard in health care.

HSC sees more than 850,000 patients a year, many of whom are dealing with very complex illnesses and traumatic injuries.

It is essential that HSC remain well-positioned to treat these people. HSC Winnipeg is Manitoba’s hospital. It’s your hospital.

The Innovation HSC campaign is your opportunity to make a difference and help HSC save lives, change lives, and provide comfort to families throughout Manitoba—year after year.

Please give generously today. For your family. For you. For all Manitobans.