Innovation HSC

Join us as we enhance Health Sciences Centre for all Manitobans.

Goal: $2,809,856

At HSC Winnipeg, innovation isn’t just a word—it’s a culture and a commitment to invest in health care improvements for all Manitobans.

Current funds raised: $2,571,694
Help us reach our goal

Since the launch of Innovation HSC in 2019, nearly 4,500 donors have given over $8 million toward this life-changing—and life-saving—initiative. This support benefits the hundreds of thousands of Manitobans who receive care at HSC.

With a goal of $2,809,856 for 2022–2023, your support will continue to enrich the spirit of innovation at HSC.

Here are two examples of how Innovation HSC donors have supported better treatment options and improved patient outcomes, and have helped transform the health care landscape in Manitoba:

In-house Orthotic Creation

Software and equipment that allow custom braces to be designed digitally and manufactured at HSC. On-site creation allows braces—which can prevent deformities, amputation, surgery, and assist with movement—to be made faster and with greater accuracy than braces built and shipped from elsewhere.


The in-house fabrication provides a much faster turnaround time, reducing patient wait times and expediting discharge. Additionally, braces that are designed digitally are more effective and more comfortable for patients to wear.

Nicholas Gilmour MSc, CO(c), Orthotist, HSC Winnipeg

Video-assisted Laryngoscopes

Tiny, high-resolution cameras and digital monitors that improve the view of a patient’s vocal cords, increase the success rate of intubation, reduce long-term patient complications, and reduce trauma related to breathing, swallowing, and talking.


This equipment is essential given the increase in resuscitations and patients requiring intubation. The video-assisted laryngoscope is a great example of utilizing advancements in design and video technology, and has significant benefit to both the patient and health care provider.

Dr. Faisal Siddiqui, Surgical Intensive Care Unit Medical Director, HSC Winnipeg


Your support allows HSC to:

  • implement changes to systems and facilities to reduce wait times and
    improve outcomes as the health care needs of Manitobans change;
  • acquire the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients more quickly; and
  • initiate and advance important health care research, and create
    opportunities to keep leading medical talent in Manitoba.


Innovation in health care needs dedicated support, and donors to this campaign are trailblazers in mobilizing innovation in Manitoba. The time is now to support new technology, treatments, and processes that lead to improved patient care and outcomes.”

Tina Jones, O.M., Chair, HSC Foundation Board of Directors, and Jonathon Lyon, President and CEO, HSC Foundation

Know that your support will help HSC deliver tomorrow’s health care, today.

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