Innovation HSC

An annual campaign for health care excellence: 2020–2021. Excellence in health care is about being nimble. It’s about responding to the changing health care needs of Manitobans.

What is innovation in health care?

It’s a spirit. A culture. A deep commitment to the idea that in health care, business as usual isn’t good enough.

It’s the pursuit of new ways of doing things so that we can always be nimble, responsive, and resilient. It’s about always achieving and sustaining excellence.

Excellence in health care means keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing health care needs of Manitobans. It’s about advancing promising research; acquiring the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; and attracting and retaining the best medical talent from across Canada and around the world.

Innovation HSC is the Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s annual campaign for health care excellence. With a target goal of $2,240,000 for 2020–2021, we ask for your support to help us expand what is possible and create a hospital without boundaries and a future without limits.

Now, more than ever, we see how integral effective health care is to our community. HSC Winnipeg, at the heart of Canada, is at the very heart of our community. Join us in discovering the endless impact innovation has right here at home.

While government funding supports the day-to-day operations of HSC, your annual gifts allow HSC to raise the bar, dream big, and deliver the best care possible today, while planning for the future needs of Manitobans.


As of December 31, 2020, we have already raised $1,770,505 for this important campaign—79% of our goal! Thank you, donors, for expressing your passion for innovation in health care.

Tomorrow’s health care, today.

Your support allows HSC to:
  • implement changes to systems and facilities to reduce wait times and improve outcomes as the health care needs of Manitobans change;
  • acquire the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients more quickly; and
  • initiate and advance important health care research, and create opportunities to keep leading medical talent in Manitoba.

Your annual campaign gift to the HSC Foundation will help the hospital embrace innovation and achieve new levels of excellence each and every year.

For every patient relearning how to walk, for every hour spent on dialysis, for every loved one waiting by their phone for good news—your support matters. Your annual campaign gift will help HSC save lives, change lives, and bring comfort to families throughout Manitoba—year after year.

Please give generously today. For your family. For you. For all Manitobans.


“Innovation means infinite opportunities. I have seen the impact of donor support in our Wilf Taillieu Thoracic Surgery Clinic and Endoscopy Unit. Armed with new technology, we can more easily treat patients with advanced, no-cut techniques, which reduces the risks and pain of conventional surgery. Our clinic has also facilitated innovations in delivery of care, allowing us to reduce wait times, admissions, and the use of operating room resources while delivering the right care at the right time.”

-Dr. Biniam Kidane
Thoracic Surgeon, HSC Winnipeg