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With your support, we will enhance Health Sciences Centre for all Manitobans.

With your support, we will enhance Health Sciences Centre for all Manitobans.

Goal: $2,634,240


Health care improves because innovation never stops. There will always be new research, new technology, and new ways of delivering care.

With your support of the Innovation HSC campaign, Manitoba’s hospital can acquire the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and implement new programs and practices to improve outcomes for patients. Through Innovation HSC, not only can HSC keep pace; HSC can set the standard for health care excellence.

Since the launch of Innovation HSC in 2019, donors have contributed over $14.5 million to this vital annual campaign. With a goal of $2,634,240 for 2024–2025, your support will continue to change lives, save lives, and bring comfort to families throughout Manitoba.

When innovation thrives, health care professionals can do their best work and patients can get the best care possible.


Your support allows HSC to:

  • acquire the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients more quickly and effectively;
  • improve systems and facilities to reduce wait times and improve outcomes as the health care needs of Manitobans change;
  • initiate and advance important health care research;
  • and attract and retain leading medical talent.

“The doctors, the nurses, the technologists, the clerks—everyone is
focused on the well-being of the patients. Thanks to the new space and state-of-the-art equipment, these dedicated professionals can truly showcase their skills and provide exceptional care.”
-Charles Schroeder, Interventional Radiology Patient

“The care at HSC is individualized, compassionate, expert, and simply phenomenal. The doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel are focused, patient, and caring. I am thrilled that the new Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Unit B5B have opened—not just because it will mean better care for Tom and so many other patients like him, but also because these new spaces and the new technology will give our talented personnel what they need to do their best work for Manitobans.”
-Pat and Phil Trottier, Parents of Epilepsy Patient Tom Trottier

“Your gift to Innovation HSC will ensure that HSC Winnipeg can continue to provide the best care possible. With your ongoing support, we can embrace exciting developments in medical technology and acquire the best equipment quickly for the benefit of all Manitobans.”
-Tina Jones, C.M., O.M., Chair, HSC Foundation Board of Directors, and Jonathon Lyon, President and CEO, HSC Foundation

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