Ambient Assisted Living

Loved ones in our community want to take control of their own health and live independently, but they can’t without your help.

Goal: $1.5 Million

Endowed Chair in Ambient Assisted Living

Current funds raised: $637,500 – 42.5% of goal achieved
Help us reach our goal

Ambient Assisted Living uses technology to help people stay connected and receive health care remotely. Without it, many patients need to visit the hospital more frequently, which is especially difficult for patients with disability or rehabilitation needs, and for those living in rural or remote communities. Without Ambient Assisted Living, patients can take longer to heal, or even develop further health issues.

You can help countless patients benefit from technology and stay connected with family and health care providers, enabling them to them live independently, with dignity, and at home. Simply put, you can help them lead happier and more fulfilling lives — all while improving their quality of care. By supporting an Endowed Chair in Ambient Assisted Living, you will help Manitoba’s health care system make transformative leaps and stay on the leading edge.

From virtual and augmented reality, to genome mapping, to artificial intelligence, to increasingly sophisticated health records management and data analysis — health care is becoming more individualized, more preventative, and more efficient. The technology exists, and we need to grab hold of it.

The Endowed Chair will ensure the project has constant funding — forever — and is led by top talent. It will bring together the expertise and technological innovations of health care practitioners and researchers from around the world. It will make Manitoba’s health care more accessible, and more personalized. This means less waiting, less stress and worry for patients, and fewer visits to the hospital. Imagine the benefits this has for patients who must travel to and from other parts of Manitoba for their care.

This project will include three facilities: a high-tech apartment where patients can get fitted with leading-edge tech and explore which solutions work best for them; an outdoor greenspace/whitespace to test products made for outdoor use; and a mixed-reality lab that will apply the technology behind virtual and augmented reality to health care. Industry can use these spaces to test the products they’re developing, while researchers and students learn, and patients benefit. These spaces will be part of a global footprint by partners around the world — enabling us to bring a world of possibilities to Manitobans.

Donate online to this life-changing project today or call 204-515-5612 to learn more about your giving options.


Imagine what is possible with your support

Imagine your uncle recovering from hip surgery in his own home while a “robot” coaches him through his exercises.

Imagine your Mom in the early stages of dementia. She is eager to live in her own house as long as possible. Advanced remote monitoring makes that possible.

Imagine your niece from northern Manitoba who needs hospital care in Winnipeg. She can recover and heal while still attending class and visiting with friends — virtually!

Imagine your sister regaining use of her arm after a stroke, because of the benefits of virtual reality.

Imagine your dad being able to conduct lab tests at home using specialized strips, barcodes, and smartphone apps to convey his data in an instant instead of taking a trip to a lab.

Imagine your asthmatic child learning how to breathe better while they go about their daily routines.

You don’t have to keep imagining.

By supporting the Endowed Chair in Ambient Assisted Living, you will transform the lives of patients across Manitoba. To make a donation, fill out this online form or contact us at or 204-515-5612.