Manitoba Urologic Centre

For patients who need urologic procedures, the wait times are far too long. The pain is far too intense. The risks are far too great. You can make a difference today.

Current funds raised: over $8 Million
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Up to one year. That’s how long many patients wait for certain urologic procedures at HSC. For patients who need their kidney stones removed, the wait can mean prolonged, intense pain and narcotics to manage it. For patients who need a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) procedure to address urinary retention, it means using a catheter for months, which comes with the risk of infection and the possibility that the bladder will become deconditioned.

During their wait, patients typically need to make multiple visits to the hospital for pain management and other interventions. For rural and northern Manitobans, this is particularly disruptive and expensive.

Currently, patients requiring TURP procedures or kidney stone removal are scheduled for treatment in conventional operating rooms. Patients are often bumped as the OR deals with immediately life-threatening situations. It simply isn’t working.

The HSC Foundation has launched a campaign to solve the problem.

The funds will be used to develop and equip the proposed Manitoba Urologic Centre at HSC. The centre will see up to 10,000 patients a year dealing with urinary retention, kidney stones, bladder cancer, and other urologic issues.  Virtually all TURP and kidney stone procedures could be performed in the new urologic centre with local anesthetic/sedation and specialized equipment. Wait times would likely drop from an average of four to five months to weeks and days. For rural and northern patients, HSC would be able to work toward performing the required procedure on the same day they arrive at HSC.

Patient and doctor

With your support, HSC urologists will have much less need for a conventional operating room, thereby increasing efficiencies at the hospital. The reduced waits will mean less stress and juggling for patients and their families, and less time off work.

Your support of the Manitoba Urologic Centre campaign will change lives.

To learn more, please read our Case for Support.

The investments we make today will ensure a tradition of surgical excellence and innovation for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

Call HSC Foundation today at 204-515-5612 or donate online to help make the Manitoba Urologic Centre a reality.