Look Into Your Heart

June 11, 2021

HSC Foundation urgently seeks support for portable telemetry monitors

As we rise to meet the ongoing challenges of the third wave of the pandemic, there is an urgent need for donations to ensure that HSC Winnipeg has the necessary equipmentsuch as portable telemetry monitorsto care for the increasing number of patients.

Portable telemetry monitors allow essential electrocardiogram assessment at the bedside. This assessment allows for immediate medication, treatment, and evaluation in real time. Without these units, patients would need to move to fixed stations elsewhere in the hospital, causing strain on both the patient and hospital resources due to inefficiencies.

By acquiring additional telemetry monitors, HSC Winnipeg will:

  • Increase access to care provided by these monitors, effectively reducing patient wait times.
  • Better utilize staff resources by not having to continuously alter which patients receive telemetry due to the limited supply not meeting the increasing demand.
  • Improve infection control and the patient experience by keeping patients in their rooms.

Portable telemetry monitors are designed with surgery centres and critical care units in mind. They are flexible and can meet the changing needs of patients during their stay at HSC, Manitoba’s hospital. Further, the wireless capability ensures uninterrupted patient monitoring.

To learn how you can make a difference during this third wave—and beyond—by supporting the acquisition of new portable telemetry monitors, please watch the video below featuring HSC Winnipeg’s Dr. Ken Van Ameyde.

To make your gift today, please click here or call 204-515-5612.