Your support today helps innovate the future of health care in Manitoba tomorrow.

Your donation supports the medical teams who provide health care at HSC every day by funding innovative research, new clinical research facilities, cutting-edge technology, and training opportunities for staff. This support is vital given that HSC is Manitoba’s flagship hospital with specialized support for trauma, neurosurgery, burn, transplant, and psychiatric health.


With these services, HSC is the hospital Manitoba families can count on when they need it most. Your generosity will support the development of new treatments and care that will make a positive difference for all of us in the future.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the HSC Foundation. Whether you make your gift online, by mail, in person, or otherwise, you are helping HSC stay on the leading edge. Thank you for supporting excellence in patient care!

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Innovation HSC

An annual campaign for health care excellence: 2019–2020. Excellence in health care is about being nimble. It’s about responding to the changing health care needs of Manitobans.

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The HSC Foundation participates in two lotteries every year: The Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery and the HSC Millionaire Lottery.

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Victor Stutsky, HSC grateful patient