The HSC Foundation fundraises through two lotteries every year: The Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery, in partnership with two other great hospital foundations, and our own HSC Millionaire Lottery.

Mr. Solomon, 2019 HSC Millionaire Lottery Winner, & Jonathon Lyon, President & CEO, HSC Foundation

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Proceeds from both lotteries increase funding for HSC to thrive, innovate, research, and provide exceptional patient care.

Each year, the HSC Foundation holds the HSC Millionaire Lottery. Proceeds provide support and help innovate HSC, Manitoba’s hospital. The Grand Prize Draw took place on December 5, 2019, with Ashley Solomon becoming Manitoba’s newest millionaire. For more details, read the full news release.

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The HSC Foundation, along with two other incredible Manitoban Health Foundations; St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, hold the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery each year. The 2020 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery will launch on June 3!

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HSC Millionaire Lottery interviews

Dr. Richard Liu and Jonathon Lyon’s Global News interview

Dr. Emily Rimmer’s Global News interview

Winnipeg Blue Bombers legend Milt Stegall, one of the 2019 HSC Millionaire Lottery spokespeople, addresses the media following the HSC Millionaire Lottery launch.