One Refunded Trip Becomes Relief for Many

April 5, 2020

What once was a present for one became a gift to many.

What once was a present for one became a gift to many, thanks to the goodwill of Margaret.

Like numerous others worldwide, Margaret was counting down the days to her upcoming vacation—a trip to Jasper, Edmonton, and Whitehorse in celebration of her 65th birthday—until the COVID-19 global pandemic forced her to cancel her trip.

Thankfully, Margaret received a full refund on trip expenses and was in the position to donate this money to four local organizations’ funds, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund being one of them.

“This money was going to make me happy; now, it will go towards those who need it during this crisis. The need is there, and I am fortunate to be in a position to give,” said Margaret.

While Margaret won’t be spending her birthday the way she hoped, she is sending compassion to those who need it the most. Please consider a gift to the HSC Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund to help the frontline needs of Manitoba’s largest hospital during the pandemic.

For more information, or to make your gift, visit: