Current Initiatives

The health care needs of Manitobans are always in a state of change and HSC is always seeking opportunities to meet those needs. Your gift to any of our current major initiatives will have a timely impact on patients from throughout Manitoba.

The new, state-of-the-art Women's Hospital at HSC.

Your support today for the new Manitoba Urologic Centre, the Chair of Ambient Assisted Living, or our Innovation HSC annual campaign will make an enduring difference. Your ongoing support helps HSC respond as effectively as possible to the emerging health care needs of Manitobans.


Innovation HSC

Join us as we enhance Health Sciences Centre for all Manitobans.

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Manitoba Urologic Centre

For patients who need urologic procedures, the wait times are far too long. The pain is far too intense. The risks are far too great. You can make a difference today.

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Technology for Assisted Living

Loved ones in our community want to take control of their own health and live independently, but they can’t without your help.

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