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HSC Foundation Unveils Paul Albrechtsen Interventional Radiology Suites

June 9, 2022

New facility offers better patient care, increased patient access

Paul Albrechtsen Interventional Radiology Suites

Paul Albrechtsen Interventional Radiology Suites; photo courtesy of Shared Health

WINNIPEG, MB—June 9, 2022. Since opening in March 2020, the Paul Albrechtsen Interventional Radiology Suites at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) have been providing patients with improved care and a safer, more comfortable experience.

The $10.2 million project was made possible by a transformational $5 million gift from the late Paul Albrechtsen and a $5.2 million investment by the Province of Manitoba. It was the last gift Albrechtsen made to the HSC Foundation during his lifetime, and one of the most impactful.

Interventional radiology is the practice of diagnosing and treating patients through their blood vessels and arteries. “Each new generation of equipment provides better outcomes and reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation,” said HSC Foundation President and CEO Jonathon Lyon. “Mr. Albrechtsen recognized the critical impact the interventional radiology suites would have on patients and their families. He was a great friend to the HSC Foundation and was passionate about patient care and medical research, and fascinated by new technology.”

Jonathon Lyon

Jonathon Lyon, President & Chief Executive Officer, Health Sciences Centre Foundation

The consolidation and expansion of the interventional radiology suites has allowed for greater patient volumes and better patient flow. Before the move to the Diagnostic Centre of Excellence, HSC was able to treat roughly 10 interventional radiology patients a day. Now, it is possible to treat as many as 16. Even through COVID-19, patient scans have increased by nearly 20 per cent in the past three years, with 5,443 patient scans completed between March 2021 to February 2022.

“Our government is committed to strengthening health care for all Manitobans, and we are proud to have partnered with the late Paul Albrechtsen and the HSC Foundation on this project and state-of-the-art technology which has increased capacity to meet the needs of patients right here in Manitoba,” said Premier Heather Stefanson. “Paul’s philanthropy will leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the patients who require these specialized services and today’s event is a reminder to continue to follow the lead of people like Paul by working together to make our province a better place to live, now and well into the future.”

Colocation of body and neuro interventional radiology suites has started a new era of collaborative patient care in patients with complex vascular diseases where expertise of more than one specialist is needed. The expanded interventional radiology suites also help switch between rooms for emergency cases, when other more conventional rooms are occupied for ongoing cases.

“We now have the same calibre of equipment that you would find in leading hospitals anywhere,” said HSC Interventional Neuroradiologist Dr. James McEachern. “The new technology includes real-time imaging that allows us to treat blood clots causing strokes, aneurysms, and perform numerous other procedures with a level of precision that wasn’t possible even a few years ago. This marks a significant improvement in patient care and is leading to better outcomes.”


About the Health Sciences Centre Foundation:

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