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Anonymous Donor to Match Next $500,000 Donated to the HSC Foundation 

November 16, 2020


Anonymous Donor to Match Next $500,000 Donated to the HSC Foundation 

Funds to support HSC’s COVID-19 response


WINNIPEG, November 16, 2020 – An anonymous donor will match the next $500,000 contributed to the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation before December 31, 2020.

The donation will support the Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund along with other priority projects at HSC, Manitoba’s hospital.

The COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, which was established in the early days of the pandemic’s first wave, will be used to purchase vital medical equipment, including: 35 high-flow nasal cannula machines to keep people off of ventilators for as long as possible; three portable ventilators to use when transporting patients and at bedsides outside of the ICU if required; and 21 end tidal modules that allow a patient’s CO2 to be measured from a safe distance without drawing blood. Donations will also be used to fund complimentary phone, television, and video chat services for patients at more than 500 beds for at least the next four months.

“Philanthropy must be a part of the community’s response to COVID-19,” said Jonathon Lyon, President & CEO of the HSC Foundation. “Fighting the pandemic is everyone’s responsibility.”

The anonymous donor stepped forward voluntarily and offered to match gifts as a way to stimulate giving. The items selected for funding were determined in consultation with the hospital.

“HSC is Manitoba’s hospital, with patients from across the province relying on the talented and dedicated medical staff for urgent and specialized care daily. We’re asking all Manitobans to respond generously as we all need HSC, especially now,” said Lyon. “It is very important that our efforts are targeted, specific, and impactful. The equipment we are purchasing has been identified by HSC as vital in ensuring the hospital’s readiness. Once these initial items are fully funded, we will be advancing other ways to support the hospital during COVID-19 and beyond. We are fortunate in Manitoba that we have so many generous people willing to do their part and to go the extra mile. Our donors are deeply grateful for the efforts of our frontline health care workers.”

Donations to the HSC Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund and all other HSC Foundation initiatives can be made on the Foundation’s website (, or by calling 204-515-5612 or 1-800-679-8493.

About the Health Sciences Centre Foundation:

Health Sciences Centre is Manitoba’s flagship hospital with specialized support for trauma, neurosurgery, burns, transplants, and psychiatric health. Donations to the HSC Foundation enable HSC to improve care in these and other areas through important research initiatives, training opportunities for health care staff, the acquisition of cutting-edge medical equipment, and the development of new state-of-the-art facilities.