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Help Fund State-of-the-Art Angiography Equipment

January 18, 2024

With your support, we can acquire new, state-of-the-art Indocyanine Green (ICG) Angiography Equipment

The SPY-PHI showing the restriction of blood flow in a patient’s hand.

Total funds required: $200,000

Healthy blood circulation following a traumatic injury or during surgery is essential for a better recovery. HSC’s current equipment for observing and assessing circulation is outdated, cumbersome, and can no longer be serviced.

Newer technology is available that will not only replace the expiring equipment, but will also provide surgeons with better real-time information than ever before so that blood flow problems during surgery can be detected and solved before they cause serious consequences.

Excellence is in hand

HSC has identified the Stryker SPY-PHI System as the optimal ICG angiography equipment to meet the hospital’s needs.

The SPY-PHI System features a convenient, portable, hand-held device that provides surgeons with high-definition, real-time blood flow visualization during procedures to allow for better real-time decision-making.

ICG angiography is an imaging technique that uses a fluorescent dye (indocyanine green) to help surgeons observe blood flow. The dye is injected into the patient and the heart pumps it throughout the body. The SPY-PHI device shines a wavelength of laser light that activates the molecules in the dye, causing them to light up. The surgeon can then identify any abnormalities in circulation and address them right away.

The SPY-PHI System will support a number of surgical specialties across the hospital: colorectal, plastics, urology, gynecology, orthopedic, head and neck, and others. It will be used thousands of times and will reduce the risk of complications and hospital re-admission for every patient. The system will pay for itself quickly and prevent future costs related to complications that would inevitably occur without this high-end visualization equipment.

By supporting the purchase of indocyanine green angiography equipment, you will help HSC—Manitoba’s hospital—deliver tomorrow’s health care, today. Thank you for your consideration.


Help us make a difference at HSC Winnipeg, Manitoba’s hospital, by making a gift today! To donate click here and select Savour Fund-A-Need Angiography Equipment or call 204-515-5612 or 1-800-679-8493 (toll-free).