A Vital time for Support

May 18, 2021

Through this third wave, let’s all rise to the occasion

Thanks to the generosity of HSC Foundation donors, we have invested over $1.7 million to combat COVID-19 at Manitoba’s hospital. Thanks to our donors, lives have been saved and life has been made easier for our tireless health care heroes on the frontlines. But the battle is not over. We still need your help.

Your support will help Health Sciences Centre acquire specific, timely, and essential equipment to help critically ill patients and the professionals who care for them through COVID-19 and beyond.

Just like in the first waves of the pandemic, we are in consultation with the hospital to identify and prioritize ongoing needs to ensure HSC can continue to provide exceptional care.

We are currently urgently raising money for:

  • A Thermoguard XP temperature management system to help critically ill patients reach a target body temperature.
  • Portable telemetry monitors so that electrocardiograms can be assessed at the bedside. Without these units, patients would need to move to fixed stations elsewhere in the hospital. Keeping patients in their rooms offers better infection control and a better patient experience.
  • A rapid infuser for the administration of fluids and blood products for patients who are in shock.
  • Thromboelastography equipment for rapid blood tests to assess problems with clotting.

This is a stressful and difficult time for all of us. The silver lining is that many Manitobans are receiving vaccinations, although the effort is far from complete. To help us continue our fight against COVID-19, please consider making a gift here.