COVID-19: One Year Later

March 12, 2021

“‘We have a case.’ One year ago, those four words signified an end to handshakes, in-person celebrations, movie theatres, stadiums, concerts—the list is endless. For nearly 1,000 Manitobans, those words signified an end to life.

Never in our lifetimes have we seen a public health crisis of the magnitude and complexity of COVID-19. Last spring, we launched the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund to help HSC Winnipeg be nimble and resilient in caring for an onslaught of patients while working under new safety protocols.

We have received over 1,000 donations to the fund so far with more gifts being processed every day. Because of your generosity, we have so far been able to invest over $1.5 million in HSC’s battle against the coronavirus. The money has been used for new equipment in the hospital’s Critical Care Unit, including 35 high-flow nasal cannula machines to keep people off of ventilators for as long as possible; ultra-violet disinfection units to sterilize items brought into the hospital; 21 end tidal modules that allow a patient’s CO2 to be measured from a safe distance; three new video laryngoscopes for intubation;  meals for frontline health care workers; complimentary communications services for patients so they can connect with loved ones, and so much more.

This evolving crisis shines a bright light on how donations make a difference in the provision of health care to all Manitobans. We are moved beyond words by the generosity our community has shown during this time of unparalleled crisis. HSC Foundation supporters have gone above and beyond; they’ve redefined what it means to give from the heart.

To help us continue our fight against COVID-19, please consider making a gift here.”

Jonathon Lyon

President & CEO

HSC Foundation