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A Gift of Five More Years, Thanks to HSC

December 20, 2019

Rachel Wheeler (right) and her mother, Jeanne Leckie: “The care was second to none,” says Wheeler.

With a tear in her eye and gratitude in her heart, Rachel Wheeler will light a candle marking the first night of Chanukah this Sunday evening, December 22.


The tear will be for her mother, Jeanne Leckie, who passed away this past summer; the gratitude will be for Dr. Larry Tan and HSC, who gave Wheeler’s mom over five more years of vibrant life following a lung cancer diagnosis in 2013.


“Dr. Tan was kind, compassionate, and a straight-shooter,” says Wheeler. “He caught my mom’s cancer early and removed part of her lung. She had the best possible care.”

Jeanne Leckie (right) and daughter Melanie Dahling (Rachel Wheeler’s sister).

After surgery, Jeanne Leckie underwent chemotherapy and went into full remission. An unrelated stroke took her life five months ago. With her stroke, HSC again provided remarkable support to patient and family. “The care was second to none,” says Wheeler. “HSC is large and can look intimidating, but it is a place of great compassion and care.”

Jeanne Leckie (right) and Astrid, Rachel Wheeler’s daughter.

For the Jewish community, Chanukah is known as the Festival of Lights. As she lights a candle to celebrate, Rachel Wheeler is proud to shine some of that light on HSC and the HSC Foundation this holiday season: “It’s an amazing cause to support.”