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A Phone Call Later…and Rita Scharff was the 2022 HSC Millionaire Lottery Winner

September 5, 2023

New millionaire’s family was the only thing on her mind when she got the life-changing call

Woman with black curly hair, wearing a black shirt overtop a white turtleneck with glasses and a mask, holds up an oversized cheque with a man wearing a suit jacket, grey shirt, glasses, and mask.

Rita Scharff accepting the 2022 HSC Millionaire Lottery Grand Prize from Jonathon Lyon, President & CEO, HSC Foundation, on December 8, 2022.

Rita Scharff’s family means everything to her. So, when Scharff heard about the HSC Millionaire Lottery on the radio at her home just outside of Virden, Manitoba, she knew she should buy a ticket to help support the hospital that had helped her son so many times over the years.

Her son, Cade, was born with 15q13.3 microdeletion syndrome, a rare disorder caused by missing parts of chromosomes that can lead to intellectual disabilities, learning delays, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, and mental illness (such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder).

“It’s always been a positive experience going to Health Sciences Centre because the doctors have been great. We’ve had really positive experiences with the doctors…and I just felt like I had to buy a ticket to support them and the patients in their care,” says Scharff.

She knows it might sound cliché, but Scharff never thought she’d end up being the Grand Prize winner. She had fully intended the ticket purchase to support health care in the province.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day that I received that call from the HSC Foundation’s CEO…my heart was pumping, and I was just so nervous. I didn’t think it was real. We are so blessed to be living in such a small, loving community that everyone was so happy for us.”

A major weight has been lifted from Scharff’s shoulders since she got the call that changed her life. While this money will help Scharff and her husband Chad’s retirement plans, their main goal for their prize money is stability for their children.

Scharff and her husband love watching their daughter Danika, a third-year setter at the University of Windsor, grow in her volleyball career. This money will help pay her university fees.

Also, this money will help ensure that Cade, who requires some community support, has the care he needs in the future.

The HSC Foundation congratulates Scharff and her family. We would also like to thank them, and everybody who purchased a ticket in the HSC Millionaire Lottery. Tickets for the 2023 HSC Millionaire Lottery are now on sale, and we want to thank everyone for their ongoing support of health care in Manitoba. Good luck to all!

To learn more and to buy your tickets, visit the HSC Millionaire Lottery website.