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Reflecting on Excellence; Planning for the Future

January 30, 2023

Saluting HSC personnel and our donors

Tina Jones, O.M.

Tina Jones, C.M., O.M., Chair, HSC Foundation Board of Directors

Adapting. Responding. Reorganizing. Pivoting. Innovating. These were the defining words of the pandemic’s toughest days at Health Sciences Centre as our health care teams stayed nimble and creative to provide patients with the best possible care in very uncertain times.

From our front-row seats at the HSC Foundation, we were deeply moved and captivated by the passion and talent of our doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, facility leaders, and all other HSC personnel. We still are. Our health care teams have always been unwavering in their commitment to excellence and the well-being of Manitobans.

It is no secret that health care is facing challenges across Canada and around the world. What we have always known at the HSC Foundation is that one of the solutions to challenges in the system is philanthropy. When Manitobans step forward with their financial support, our health care teams at HSC can do more.

We have seen this through the tremendous support of our COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund which allowed for the timely acquisition of equipment to help treat patients and protect health care providers. We have seen this through the generous support of numerous special initiatives such as the Wilf Taillieu Thoracic Surgery Clinic and Endoscopy Unit, which is saving lives and improving efficiencies at the hospital. And we are seeing it now in real time through the remarkable support of Operation Excellence—the largest campaign in the history of the HSC Foundation.

Operation Excellence is a six-year campaign to revitalize and refocus HSC as a surgical centre of excellence and innovation. The campaign is concentrated on facility enhancements, infrastructure improvements, and the acquisition of a significant amount of new technology that will allow for more minimally invasive procedures. Thanks to donor support to date, some of this remarkable equipment has already been purchased. Our goals are to eliminate wait lists, shorten hospital stays, attract and retain leading health care personnel, and improve patient outcomes.

Jonathon Lyon

Jonathon Lyon, President & Chief Executive Officer, HSC Foundation

Together, we can achieve remarkable efficiencies, produce transformational change, and reach new levels of excellence for years to come.

We salute and thank our colleagues at HSC for their skill and dedication; we salute and thank our donors for their vision and enthusiasm. With continued support, HSC personnel will continue to adapt, respond, and innovate as they deliver tomorrow’s health care—today.


With thanks,

Tina Jones, C.M., O.M.
Board Chair

Jonathon Lyon
President & CEO